Introduction to Daily Notes 2

The Daily Notes 2, a modern journaling app, is an upgrade to the classic Daily Notes app with a much cleaner, user-friendly and aesthetic UI. With Daily Notes 2, you can take journals, add photos and documents, take audio notes, sketch out your thoughts, and much more. 


What are journals?
Journals are a collection of dated entries, categorized under each month. You can create blank/photo/template journals from the main screen into a journal. Tap on the + icon next to the Daily Notes journal to create a new journal.






At the bottom of the screen, you can find an <icon> Add Menu through which you can select from prompts/ templates and more to add a new entry.




Templates and Prompts

Daily Notes is designed to make journaling easier. You can choose from multiple templates that are customizable and optimized to save your time. 





With curated templates and prompts, say goodbye to writer’s block. Take inspiration from famous quotes that are randomly suggested every day. 


Keep a daily habit of journaling

With the Daily Reminder feature, never miss out on a journal entry and make journaling a daily habit.




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