3. Adding Notes

By default, Daily Notes provides an empty notes page for each calendar day. 

Creating & Editing Your Notes
To start entering your notes: 

  1. Select a Tab where you want to add your notes.

  2. Tap on a date on either the side or top calendar.

  3. Then tap on the empty page to start creating your notes.

Viewing your Notes
You can view your notes in various ways: 

  • Select first a Tab (labeled 1 in the below screenshot) then tap on either the side or top calendar (labeled 2 in the below screenshot) to choose a day to view your notes.

  • Tap on the Arrow icons beside the Page Number to view your notes.
    The 1st set of Arrow icons allows you to view notes chronologically. It will show you all the pages in each day, regardless of whether you added a note there or not. It will both show you empty pages and pages with notes.

    The 2nd set of Arrow icons lets you view pages with notes on them. It will not show you empty pages, only those days where you've added notes. 

Adding More Notes to a Specific Day
By default, Daily Notes provides an empty notes page for each calendar day. To add additional pages to your notes, you can do the following: 

  1. From the bottom toolbar, tap the "Add' icon.

  2. Tap "Add Page" to add an additional page to the current day.

Viewing All Your Notes
You can easily view all your added notes by doing the following:
  1. Select a Tab where you want to view your notes. 
  2. Tap on the Summary icon at the bottom toolbar.

  3. You'll see a group summary of all your added notes, with each note showing its title and the first few lines.

  4. Tap on one note to view it fully.

Deleting Notes
To delete a note, just tap on the Delete icon at the bottom toolbar. 

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